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2 years experience as Carroll County Reserve/Courtroom Security/Inmate Transport

5 years as a part time Dispatcher with Carroll County and McKenzie

10 years experience as general outsourced security for school sporting events/activities and property protection.

10 years experience as a Patrolman with McKenzie Police Department (as of 08/2015)

Current Position:

Patrolman with McKenzie Police Department





Answering Calls for Service

Warrant Service

Public Assistance


Graduate of Huntingdon High School

Attended Jackson State Community College

Completed T.I.E.S. school at TBI in Nashville for 2yr certification

Completed Basic Police Academy at Walters State Community College

Completed Domestic Violence School at Dyersburg Police Department


I wish to broaden my skills and take on more diverse tasks.

Additional Personal Information:

I was born and raised in Carroll County, Tennessee.

I enjoy helping people solve problems.

I enjoy science and technology.

I often help friends and family with their computers and other electronic devices. I don't know everything about them, but with a little time and occasionally some resources for researching more information, I can usually figure it out.

2015-08-28 18:33:09

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