McKenzie Police Department

Chief Moates

Chief of Police: Craig B. Moates

(731) 352-2265


Welcome to the McKenzie Police Departments web page(s). We hope you find the site informative and useful as you search your area of interest. The officers of the McKenzie Police Department are dedicated to providing the best possible service through prevention, detection and apprehension of the criminal element, community interaction and “out of the box” best practices for partnerships and stakeholder support and benefit.

As the Chief of Police I present to you the following: Mission, Vision, and Core Values Statement.


To provide a professional Police service and partnerships with the citizens of McKenzie. To utilize Community Policing philosophies and strategies when trying to identify problems and solutions in order to enhance the quality of life and safety of our community. Dedicate ourselves to protecting life and property, enforcing the law fairly and equitably; maintaining peace and order while assuring fair and equal treatment for all concerned.


The McKenzie Police Department is committed to the philosophy of community oriented policing and problem solving strategies utilizing available resources and partnerships. We employ innovative approaches and time tested police methods when protecting our community. We respect and value individualism and unity equally; our communication is direct, open and respectful. Our dedication is shown through enhanced performance, interaction and work ethic.

Core Values

  • Equal protection and service for all
  • Integrity and ethical conduct without compromise
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth through quality training
  • A thorough, methodical, flexible approach to problem solving
  • Responsible resource management
  • Responsibility and accountability for our actions
  • Attention to community needs
  • Individual and team effectiveness in solving crimes and community problems
  • Excellence and continuous improvement in all we do

Portions of this site may be under construction, so check back for updates and changes.

We are currently working on several informative formats and encourage our viewers to comment and make suggestions.

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